We want to be your next and
final co-packaging company.

If efficiency and profits are important to your company, then you need Klass Packers on your team.


Why choose Klass Packers?

We bring 25+ years of packing experience to our company. We are dedicated to making you money by offering you efficient out sourcing services. We can save you money by avoiding expensive labour costs, save you time by letting us do the work for you. We are committed to making you look good by offering professional help.

What makes Klass packers different?

Our commitment to our customers. We guarantee that you will receive competitive prices, on time delivery, all the time. We provide Co-packaging services you can trust!

Let us help you assemble and prepare for a special promotion. Think of Klass Packers when your production schedule is full and you require extra help. We can help you repackage or rework your product to make it perfect.

We are more than just packers we are packaging solution people. We often offer creative solutions to keep each of our customers profitable.

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Packaging Problems?
We are your solution!

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